Sunday, September 27, 2009


Realizing my need for the Lord.

Your holiness brings the friendship I need
Loneliness flees as I feel Your glory
Like morning break around me
As I decrease I find You're released
The rush of Your love,
Like the rush of Your blood
Lord, it sustains me, it sustains me

Want to tell You, tell You I love You
Just to know You, my sweetest friend

"Awake from your slumber, my dear friend"
You say
Arise and follow, for I am the way
In Me there is absolution"
I've been undone by Your holy touch
Comsumed by the fire of Your holy love
Lord, it sustains me


Tammy said...

How come you never blog anymore? I miss reading your stuff.

Uriel said...

Seriously, Your blog used to be prolific!

Tammy said...

Yeah, I agree with Judah. C'mon, get on the ball and WRITE! We miss you!