Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Wow, where to begin?

Blogging has not been on the top of my list lately. I will give you the run down on current events and then I believe you will understand why this has been set aside!

So Michael and I bought a house. We closed on it on my birthday, July 8. Yep, I'm 22 now! But anyways, that seems like so long ago albeit only a month! Since the closing day we tore up floors, yards, trees, repainted, put in carpeting and hardwood floors, remodeled and overdid it for ourselves. I'm tired.

Plus, we got hitched. Last week, it was fun. More to come on that later. Right now I just need to get to the point.

First: I'm getting sick of dealing with some types of people. Second: I'm tired of this hectic lifestyle. Third: I miss Michael when I'm at work, I work evening, he works days. Lame.

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- Sarah :-) said...

Ugh - REAL lame!! But for reals... I need before and after pics of this house, woman!

PS: You're MARRIED!!! I'm so excited for you... not give us the deets on everything!!