Friday, June 5, 2009


Our God is so clever! Today my brother and I went for a walk in the cannon bottoms (it is in between some bluffs, which are like big rocky bite size mountains) and it was awesome! So beautiful. All while we were walking we got talking. God is so clever! We decided we were both so thankful God chose to make the sky so blue and the leaves green! Fortunately the sky isn't pink and leaves purple. God just made everything so PERFECT! Creation screams out the glory of the Lord!

I just find so much comfort in being able to look at the world and see it as a glorious creation by a loving and willing God. How blessed are we?

I think of my mornings, He made mornings for people like me. Coffee brewing with that comforting sound, how did He make that first sip taste so wonderful? Leaves that rustle in the wind, birds that sing praises. Don't you think birds sound like they are singing to the Lord? I bet you they are. I wonder if birds know that it is the Lord who watches over them and provides for them. I wonder if the sparrows care that they got an honourable mention in scripture. Reading my bible is always so refreshing. I know on the days I don't get to it (which are become few, I have been strongly convicted and here I share) I feel lethargic in my soul. I feel as though I am saying to the Lord "Don't worry, I can get through this day without You" Its like He is waiting there to help and sees me doing things on my own. I just am like that 5 year old trying to lift 100lbs and I keep looking at my dad standing there who wants to help and yet I say "No I can get it, just let me do it" while they 100lbs never budges. So my reading is a joyful resignation that I cannot do it on my own.

I feel like I'm rambling, probably because I am. Its just that the Lord is so good! Things have been so hard lately and yet He just gives me goodness and joy thats just...unexplainable! Its the peace that surpasses understanding. He has let me have a little :)



E. Chikeles said...

Jealous of you two!
Like the blog.

- Sarah :-) said...

Wow - awesome perspective!!